Part of a 2015 campaign to raise awareness of what you can do with your new Android phone over the holidays. I worked to generate the themes and items as well as the look-and-feel of the stop-motion imagery. These lived on @Google's social channels (Twitter and G+ at the time). 


Two more from this campaign. I spent several hours in a *very* strange train shop on 45th street buying this train set, by the way. 

Creative Director and Lead Copywriter for these G Suite for Education Impact portraits. Took initial research, shaped it into something more readable and shareable (yet still remaining relevant as research) for these case studies which focused on the impact of technology in schools. I thought a "flipped classroom" was when everyone turned around their desks while the teacher was away, but that's not the case! These live on G Suite for Education's site.

Created all the social copy for the "Share Google Apps" Bad Gifts campaign, on Google for Work's social channels. "Giving bad gifts can make people prickly. This year, #ShareGoogleApps"


Creative Director and Copywriter for this Google campaign about accessibility and hands-free options on Android phones, which lived on Google for Work's social channels. 

Lead Social Copywriter for the Fall 2016 G Suite rebrand (it was Google Enterprise, then it was Google for Work, and now it's G Suite). 


An example of some of my social copywriting for Google Apps, which lived on the Google Apps social channels.

Lead Copywriter for Google Maps API's 2015 "Code the Road" summer campaign, which included a visit to Sesame Street. The focus here was communicating with developers who work with mapping tools in their apps, getting them to understand the power of Google Maps vs the competition. These went out on Google Maps API's social channels. 

Another Google Maps API post.