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Brandon, I would be very concerned if blgiogng became a credentialed activity. Writing or, in the case of vlogging or audioblgiogng, production, are already something one can study in a school. So is the activity of writing professionally, whether it's credentialed through a J-School or a Ph.D. program in English (I happen to have done most of the MFA in Creative Writing at SFSU, followed by a half a semester of J-School that my professor told me I didn't need, though I got paid for my writing before that).A trade? Well, there you are talking not about a university program, but a kind of life skill that can be applied to earning a living. Placing blgiogng into a particular pillar of the educational institution—English Dept., Commumications Dept., Comp. Sci. Dept.—suggests a verticalized approach to personal communication, which is something I think we should all be encouraged to do better regardless of our specialties.After its general gutting the humanities in education is in more serious need of repair than the urgency one may feel over creating a degree in blgiogng. After all, blgiogng is just a format and some tools that have been applied to a variety of types of writing. We need to be more concerned with educating an informed, skeptical populace willing to argue civilly over the issues of the day.Where would you put blgiogng in the university? What department? Is is a joint-degree program between English and Comp. Sci.? Would anything justify a chair of blgiogng at the expense of, say, a full professor of literature? Do we have a chair of desktop publishing at any school other than a design school (if, even, there)?

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